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Tango classes

Tango classes to travelers/ tourists

Are you finding out Argentina? Live the Tango culture experience.If you don't have the courage to go alone to a Milonga ( Tradicional or Queer)we go with you.Find out sites which aren't in touristical guides.

Group Tango Lessons

In Group Tango Lessons we work the interaction among members of the class. Group Tango Lessons.

Private Tango Lessons

Private Tango Lessons opportunity to deepen learning according to the needs of each partner. Private Tango Lessons.

Tango Practice

In his practice, through the close embrace, teaches you key concepts so you can dance in the milongas of Buenos Aires.

All levels

Group and Private Tango Lessons in Buenos Aires. We work the interaction among members of the Tango class.

Tango Classes in Buenos Aires

Tango classes and lessons in Buenos Aires City: San Telmo, Palermo, Almagro and Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Clases de Tango Práctica de Tango

Why Tango?

"Dancing always expresses the freedom of our bodies. Dancing the Tango contained in that embrace, makes our bodies and spirits to achieve freedom interminable 3 minutes. While an orchestra sound and a couple embrace at the sound of it, the Tango will be alive..."

Group and Private Tango Lessons in Buenos Aires. We work the interaction among members of the Tango class. Opportunity to deepen learning according to the needs of each partner.

Technical Classes: We work deeply into the mechanics and dynamics of movements, exercises needed to interpret and execute the main resources used in the Tango. - Embrace: distances and styles. - Musicality: rhythm - musical performance. - Improvisation: approach from different places. At the beginning and the end will work with the awareness of body recognition.

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Marcela Lavorato
Tango professor / Tango coach

Improvement and updating courses 2023:

- Mindfullness, theory and practice for children and adults. Prof: Eduardo Cossi(UBA).
- Musicality and technical refinement for professionals who teach Tango.
- Body awareness using mindfulness techniques. Instructor: dra Mónica santagta, psychiatrist doctor.

Educational background:

- Instructor Tango Dancing - University of the Tango. Directors: Rodolfo and Gloria Dinzel.
- Course applied to dancing.
- Advanced Course for advanced students. School of Tango. Prof: Aldo Mendez.
- Course Eutonia Expression in Dance.
- Seminar "Women in the print of Tango." Conducted by: Jorge Götling Journalist.
- Analysis of the Tango. Teacher: Ana Sebastián.
- Milonga Workshop. Professor: Walter Oringer.
- Tango Workshop. Teacher: Carlos Rivarola.
- Tango Workshop of style. Teachers: Blas and Graciela Lopez.
- Dance Workshop "Women in the couple of tango." Teacher: Olga Bessio.
- Master Class "Canyengue Tango." Teacher: Marta Anton and Manolo.
- Dynamic Class of Tango for Teaching in Schools of Special Education. Teacher: Angela Mauvecin.
- Class Advanced Level. Conducted by: Juan Carlos Copes.
- Stretching Class: Professor Angelica Caccia Torres
- 2016 Traspie Milonga Training with Aldo Mendez and Renata Alberti.
- Seminar "Tango Musical Basics" master: Alejandro Martino. Director School of Music of Avellaneda.


- Tango Dance Classes for Children in "Llames Ursula de la Puente" school.
- Tango Lessons for Youth. Tango Project. (Government of the City).
- Tango classes at the San Martin School for the blind people.
- Tango classes in "Hostel Pampa."
- Tango classes in "Hostel Nomade."
- Tango classes in "Lynns Boutique Hostel."
- Lectures in "Ideal Candy."

Currently I teach in:

- Tango classes at the Cultural Center Sendas del Sol.
- "Bar El Pino" - Milonguero Tango style.
- Tango School "Life and Secrets of Tango." Lounge Tango Style - Public Exhibitions.
- Tango Exhibition at the Embassy of the Republic of Paraguay.
- Tango Exhibition at Puerto Madero.
- Tango Exhibition at "Hostel Boutique lynns.
- Tango Exhibition at "Quintino Bar."
- Tango Exhibition at "Salon Mediterranean."
- Tango Exhibition with Malajunta group in "Montserrat."
- Tango Exhibition at Private Events.

Training courses 2013:

- Improvement workshop for tango teachers dictated by RENATA ALBERTI AND ALDO MENDEZ (2013)
- Carrying out intensive training with the teacher: Aldo Mendez
- Musicality - Prof. Andrea Díaz
- Technique seminar for women - Prof. Graciela González

Year 2016:

- Musicality course: teacher Aldo Mendez.
- Conceptual technical course for teachers: teachers: Renata Alberti and Aldo Mendez.

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Thank you from the depths of my being to all students who ever passed through my classes and are encouraged to experience the mysterious encounter with the tango.


Tango classes

Women who want to learn the role of leader to teach it, to experience it. Conceptual technical training for tango workers. Are you a teacher and you haven't trained in a while? Concept technical training..

Tango Pista

Contact me!

If you know not dance and want to take the first hugs. If you dance and you want conceptual and technical training. If you still do not dare to dance in a Buenos Aires milonga (You'll learn the codes). Work mode: a program designed for every need (Private and semi-private classes).


Lambare 990, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.




(+54) 9 11 6471-0678


(+54) 9 11 6471-0678